Light Language – Golden Codes


Don’t be afraid of the changes ahead there is still a lot of confusing information being circulated around.  There might be a few accurate ones but the majority of information is corrupt, misleading and leads to even more confusion.  Let your hearts be the guide, not your minds the heart has shown you the way for many years and yet you doubt this unlimited aspect of self.  Trust your hearts and look inwards for guidance not outwards.  There is a doorway to your higher connection an unlimited resource using the Language of Light to activate and retrieve this mastery within you.

Light Language is an angelic voice bringing pure vibration of love, endless love, waves of love rippling throughout the universe in a Harmonic Frequency of Light Codes.  Language of Light is a Universal Language an ancient language or angelic voice.

Light Language activates codes of knowledge and light opening individual chakras for healing and transformation upon the planet.   The sound activates your higher self through the octaves of harmonic pulsing, a frequency of light that is held within your DNA Light Bodies.

The information you are receiving is being released now to bring in balance, and stronger communication between you and your DNA Light Bodies – Angelic Codes of Light.

Akashic Records & Light Language – Golden Codes

Akashic Records are memory codes held within your light body. They are powerful extensions of self on multidimensional levels linking in aspects of self and past life times.  Using the Language of Light – Golden Codes not only awakens your soul but aligns many deeper parts giving you a real sense of freedom and birthing ideas, creations and gifts from this higher aspect of self.

The codes of Light Language – Golden Symbols are multidimensional light vibrations assisting humanity and to awaken new consciousness on earth.

There is a series of 3 heart connection activations in the next transmission.

With Light in your hearts Elechroan


DNA Templates


Custom Blend DNA Templates Dimensional Navigation Attunement Individual Blends, for your Individual Needs

Aligns you to your Ascension Codes of Light Cleanses the DNA Template of all interference that stops full communication with your Ascension Codes of Light

Transforms your body into its true angelic form.
Dimensional Navigation Attunement are specific light codes  for the individual to awaken your Ascension Codes of Light this is a unique blend to accelerate your own path to ascension through the light of your DNA opens the doors witin to obtain a higher frequency of light.

Each DNA Templates  Custom Blend nourishes and supports your individual needs.

Universal codes of light to awaken your ascension codes deep within your DNA Templates (Dimensional Navigation Attunement).

Each blend is customized to your individual needs.

Channelled Angelic Essence.


Please fill out short questionnaire so that order can be prepared. (delivery may take a 7-10 days as it a custom blend made for your individual needs).

diamondstartemplates-copy_edited-1You will receive 100ml bottle plus Angelic Guidance information on your individual blend. To order please go to Templates of Light email:

Wealth Creation Ray


You all have unique light codes within your DNA that serve as a transmitter to greater knowledge and your wealth creation. Your world is going through change and there are now opportunities to explore and access these codes of light.

What does this mean?

The codes have been dormant within your DNA Light Bodies, and now there is enough light entering earth for the codes to be revealed and activated. The next step is to become like a transmitter going way beyond all that you know, to travel into the realms of light beyond your knowledge and to receive light equations and star codes, all pulsating within the universe.

What is wealth creation?

It is feeling an energetic pulse of light connecting you to all life and receiving higher frequencies from your DNA Light Bodies and your Galactic Star Codes.

The vibration that we are talking about is one that resonates with the greater picture for all, within the universe. Not separate… but one, one beautiful light living in harmony and love for all.

The energy that I am referring to is in essence, your galactic partner … your galactic star codes of knowledge existing on the outer realms and held in the greatest light by the

Ascension Codes.  Great Beings across the universe are gatekeepers to this knowledge. There has only been a few chosen so far to receive these codes but the next level is being activated now. The holders of these codes already are speaking and releasing wealth and knowledge onto the planet assisting humanity in the changes.

The gatekeepers are St Germain and the Violet Flame, Pleiadean, Sirian High Council and the Lemurians.

Please take time to do a quick meditation to activate the codes oflight within your DNA light bodies.

Meditation Wealth Creation

Sit comfortably or lay down on your back. Ask your guides to take you to the Galactic Ascension Codes of Light.

See and feel a ball of brilliant blue light moving around your body and know that you are now being transported into the Pleiadean Council of Light with your guide. This blue light intensifies and now becomes an electric blue colour. A silver light is entering your crown, a harmonic pulse of light … you have now entered into the chambers of Pleiadean, Sirian High Councils and St Germian and the Violet Flame.

Ask for the codes of light from your wealth creation to be activated now. There is a sharp light of gold entering your DNA light body communicating to the galactic partner of self.

You are now moving through a tunnel of light. In this tunnel you see lots of golden codes, different geometric shapes and colours. You come to astop at the light codes that are for you. There are 12 codes … a blueprint of your galactic DNA light body.

With your permission and the guidance of your higher self you start receiving the golden codes, your wealth creation. The codes start to appear in brilliant golden light that transform your body into a golden angelic being. Ask to receive the next level of light from these codes. Feel the pulse of light becoming faster as you start to feel the vastness of self within the universe; this is your Wealth Creation ray.

St Germain oversees the light codes activation.

Once complete, you feel yourself drifting back down the tunnel of gold, still within the blue light that surrounds your body. Drifting down into the physical body to be grounded.

Just take a moment to feel your body and the shifts that have occurred.

What happens now?

Your Galactic DNA Light Body is transmitting lines of energy, in codes for the earth. This Creation Wealth ray serves in the healing of self and planet.

Start each day by bringing your awareness to these light codes, feel the energy of gold illuminating through your body and ask for the Wealth Creation to be magnified and shown to you daily.

With light in your hearts Elechoran

Abundance Light Codes

Light Language Symbol – Abundance

Source of abundance comes from a new reality that is not clouded in  negative beliefs. How often have you said you need more money, I don’t have enough or I can’t afford that?  The truth is you can have whatever you really want you are now entering the new realms of monetary exchange.  Money exchange comes at a different price it’s not the same value it has less priority,  you know that money does not buy happiness and love it’s the opposite it cause rifts and disharmony to many thousands of people. Apart from the separation you feel around money you give your power away to something that you think is far bigger, how big is this distortion in your world at this moment.

Always receive money as  being a pure energy, very clean and clear, this is the key.  

Abundance Meditation Alignment

Sit in a chair, hands on your lap palms up, imagine two very nice looking gold balls in the palms of your hands these will tingle and there will be some heat emanating from the gold balls.

Connect to you higher self and ask to receive the Pleiadean Star Codes of Light for abundance and wealth. There is a pulsing light coming into your crown chakra, as these light codes are received, you may see a very bright yellow light entering the crown and going into your palms and heart chakra (Pleiadean Codes of Light – Harmonic Healing).  Start to draw up the energies of the earth through your feet and ask to receive your earth light codes.  Feel the weight of the gold balls in the palms of your hands, getting bigger now place your palms together with the balls in between your hands, just feel the presence of great wealth emanating through your body. Give yourself permission to receive abundance now on all levels.  Please feel the presence of your guides/angels standing in front of you feel the glow of love coming into your hearts, give yourself permission to receive deeply now, you are now receiving the galactic codes of light to illuminate your true abundance now.  Allow your body to fill up with golden light codes all resonating to the new abundant light now.  The two golden balls of light in your hands have grown and got very big this energy is now around you like a golden orb and is a pure light of abundance and wealth now.

Continue to feel the golden orb of light with you as you go about your daily routine.  Please do this mediation regularly.

With light in your heart  Elechroan



Heart Beacon – Pulse of Light

You are in the process of change this is rapid and at times chaotic it has engulfed government sectors and big business where greed has been the distortion for many years, this is not of service and therefore it is in transformation.

Brining this into the light and brining balance has allowed for the greed to become not as prolific (there is still work to be done, but there has been progress), the journey is quicker now that the alignments are in place. The Galactic Highway of information contains certain codes of light these are in sacred locations, please refer to the Dual Realities – St Germain channelling on this blog site.

In order for there to be a real change there must be a point of stillness within you and the planet it’s a reflection of time its self to release the internal power of your freedom within the light, a journey that has taken place for many years is now coming to a point of turning within your evolution here upon earth. Divine love for self and all, the message is love, to be kind to self and others, to show gratitude every day and to release the fear, or sadness from your hearts. The more love you infuse within your body the better this will be. You will come into stillness a point that brings through the quickening to activate your soul ascension within the light. Take time to be still, navigate your heart to the love and be in gratitude for all that you have right now and send this gratitude and love out into the world, radiate out this from your heart centres and please be still in your mind, allow the heart to shine.

With light in your hearts

Atlantian Belt – Earth Grids

The Grids of Earth – Light Awakening
Your hearts hold a vital key in this illusion. Many of you shut down your light during the time of the destruction of Atlantis and this has caused much heartache which you have carried in many lifetimes.  Apart from feeling separation, you may also feel that you are not entirely here, or maybe there is confusion as to what steps you need to take to clear something held within your heart and higher heart.
There is a vibration within the Earth girds that can resolve this grief and open the portal to high consciousness. It is a beam of light called the Atlantian Belt. There is a major distortion in this Atlantian Belt and this distortion is held within the hearts and DNA of the ones who had a lifetime in Atlantis and who witnessed it’s destruction. Within the Atlantian Belt there are Harmonic Sound Codes, a transmission of the wisdom of truth and light in limitless expansion. The consciousness around the Atlantian Belt is one that is held in the energies of fear and ego. This energy feeds on your fear and egos and hence continues in circular motion causing limited beliefs and confusion so you are not seeing clearly the truth of self.
What is the Atlantian Belt?
It’s a frequency of light within the Earth and within the souls who were there at the time of Atlantis. It’s carried within the DNA as a memory and a feeling of something that you may not be able to fully tap into. It might feel like it’s stuck, rigid or very deep grief.
Atlantis and the DNA – Dimensional Navigation Attunement
The message is to unleash your fear of what has been and move forward with the rays of higher knowledge from the Atlantis Higher Consciousness.  The rays of consciousness are within the souls who had a lifetime there, and there are many here now.  Each one of you holds a very important and vital key to open the Atlantian Belt within you and the Earth. Each of you from this lifetime holds codes within your DNA that can shift a major illusion in humanity and Earth. The codes are transmitters of light information in quantum timing – explosions of light. The reflection of self can be felt within the Earth’s Grid Lines: there is a density, a shadow of hindrance that needs to be exposed by those who have this key within their DNA to shift the vibration.
What is the key to shift this?
The Golden Light Symbol – DNA, seen here, is the key to shift this vibration that has kept your truth from being seen. It is the symbol of Universal Law and Universal Truth. The frequency of this Golden Symbol opens the channel deep within your light bodies assisting you to cross over the illusion self within your heart and higher heart.  The Golden Light Symbol activates your chamber of remembrance and clears the DNA of interference thus allowing for a simple line of communication of light and light frequency to be received. The message will go far deeper within the Earth and this is where the most beautiful rays of Atlantian High Consciousness will be felt for the souls who have released their fear from this lifetime on a grand scale.
Atlantian Golden Symbol
Atlantian Light Anointment Oil
using the frequency of Light Language Harmonic Healing

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Light Language Harmonic Codes activating your DNA to a higher consciousness and remembrance of truth.
How to use the Atlantian Golden Symbol
Focus on this image and sound the words:
I am free, I am free, I am free
I am releasing the fear and grief from my Atlantian aspect now
I am activating the codes of pure light of higher consciousness held within my DNA and the Atlantian Belt.
Atlantian Light Anointment Oil and the Golden Symbol opens a healing portal of light codes and vibrations to cleanse your DNA and activate your light bodies.
Atlantian Blue Light Anointment Oil – healing and balancing your emotional bodies,while connecting you very deeply into the earth girds.
With light in your hearts

Dual Realities – Master St Germain

You are all in transition for the greater aspect of self to shine through and remind you of the higher energies of light. It may feel like a maze with no sign that you’re going in the right direction. You are going through a doorway of light. This is the beginning of your journey into the light frequencies of new consciousness, opening to see your true self. This aspect of self can no longer be ignored and if it is not your truth and for your highest good, there will be a release from this aspect. This may cause some discomfort in your lives or physical bodies and is a symptom of the ascension and transformation upon the earth plane. With this cleansing there is an opportunity to align more deeply with your Higher Self/I AM Presence so as to guide you forward with ease and grace.

Dual Realities
Dual realities, the energies of your Higher Self/I Am Presence are aligning and forming a new matrix of light within your beings.  As the higher vibrations merge with your light body there is a transition as the energies of the old meet with the new.  For many there has been a feeling within of being pulled and unsettled, which may also cause you some confusion and sadness at times.  This deep confusion or sadness is a result of two currents merging – the new higher energies and the frequencies of the old that are now being cleansed from your light bodies, so there may be feelings of being lost or abandoned. As the light is being integrated more and more, your life is getting faster and faster and at times you may feel like you are spinning into the unknown. These energies are moving so fast that what was working last week for you may not be here this week for you.  As the energies of light of higher consciousness move through your light bodies there will be a deep cleansing of emotions. You may feel the loss of something, grief, anger or sadness.  Transition is a process, a journey that leads you to the higher calling of self. The tears that you may shed are only for the loss of an illusion, which has kept you in a program of limitation and negative belief patterns.  This is the old aspect, the part of self that is no longer here and yet you are seeking this familiar vibration.  When you acknowledge that there is change, and yes, I am part of this change, you will feel expansion and love. Only when you ignore the change and not listen to your truth will you be in fear of the changes.  These changes have been occurring for a while, but there is a peaking of light and light frequency that is having a major impact on you and earth.  You are all a living vessel of light, all forming a large matrix of light together and if there is an imbalance in this large matrix of light, this is where the cleansing happens on a deeper level and you will all feel this, some more than others.
There has been a rush in the light frequencies to get the major portals open in 7 sacred locations upon earth.  This is now happening and they are guarded by light beings working with the Ascension Codes of Light, and I, Master St Germain of the Violet Flame, will oversee the portal activations. Within the 7 portals there are 12 smaller portals, each portal sending a strong current of light deep within earth to activate the earth grids.  The Lemurian High Council at Mt Shasta are also opening up portals to support the seven major portals. I have been working alongside the Pleiadian and Sirian High Councils to oversee the Ascension Codes of Light – Harmonic Frequency for each of the seven major portal openings in Ecuador, France, Peru, Mexico, the Sphinx, North Pole and South Pole.
The ancient alchemy of light is once again reappearing across the stars systems and the planet is having a light frequency axial shift, aligning to the new frequencies to bring in higher consciousness and higher frequencies of light.  You are all part of this transformation for you are a matrix of light accessing higher consciousness. Spend time in your heart, feel the truth of this message and ask your Higher Self/I AM Presence for guidance and direction. This is your navigation point to trust your own Higher Self/I AM Presence. You will be shown how to access new healing modalities, new medicine, new technology and peace.  There is more to this and more will be revealed in later channellings.